22 Aug 2023

From a self-flying taxi to a robot security guard, discover a window to the future at the free Innovation Expo at Te Pae on 10–11 September.

Expo-goers will be treated to an close up view of the Wisk Aero self-flying air taxi as they enter the Smart Christchurch Innovation Expo 2023, says expo organiser and Smart Christchurch City Initiatives Lead Grace de Leon.

In a classic American taxi colour scheme, the Wisk Aero 5th generation air taxi, known as Cora, is the company's autonomous, all-electric, vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air taxi demonstrator. Backed by The Boeing Company, Wisk has been developing and testing electric aircrafts since 2010.

“This technology is ground-breaking,” Ms de Leon says.

“And while it can take time for new innovations to become mainstream, just look at AI (artificial intelligence), which went global almost overnight, or electric vehicles that rapidly gained a huge share of the market. The expo is the place to see a window to a very real future.”  

Spark NZ, a major sponsor of the Christchurch City Council produced event, will display a variety of advanced technologies at their exhibitor stand, including an all-terrain robot.

 “Spark’s all-terrain outdoor robot could be the new, safer way forward for security patrolling with the robot decked out with surveillance cameras. Another Spark robot has an iPad ‘head’, plays videos and takes commands so expo goers can have a lot of fun there,” Ms de Leon says.

“It’s going to be very inspiring for people of all ages to see not only what’s possible but what’s already happening in the innovation and tech space.”

Run by the Council’s Smart Christchurch team, the Innovation Expo is about showcasing the latest innovations shaping the future of Ōtautahi Christchurch and the world.

There will also be keynote sessions on latest trends in AI, smart communities, cybersecurity and e-gaming.

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