18 Nov 2020

The company that introduced shared electric scooters to Christchurch is now bringing its shared electric bikes to the city.

Christchurch City Council has given Lime Technology a permit to operate up to 200 e-bikes in the city until the end of August 2021.

Features of Lime's e-bikes

  • Electric pedal assist

  • A 30-60km range

  • QR codes to unlock the e-bike quickly

  • Swappable lithium-ion batteries

  • Retractable cable lock

  • Front and rear LED lights

Lime is going to start with an initial fleet of 100 e-bikes, which will be available for hire starting next week.

“E-scooters have changed the way that many people move around the city.  We are keen to see what impact a shared e-bike service might have on travel patterns,’’ says Councillor Mike Davidson, Chair of the Urban Development and Transport Committee.

“We expect the e-bikes will be popular with people wanting to travel further distances or go up the hills.

“Giving Lime a permit to operate its shared e-bikes here on a trial basis gives us a chance to assess how such a service might fit into our transport network in the long-term,’’ Cr Davidson says.

“E-bikes are soaring in popularity worldwide. They are an environmentally-friendly form of transport that could help us reduce congestion on our roads and lower carbon emissions, so it is a travel option we want to investigate thoroughly,’’ Cr Davidson says.

Lime’s New Zealand Public Affairs Manager Lauren Mentjox says the company is excited to be able to bring its shared e-bike service to Christchurch.

“Christchurch people really embraced e-scooters and we are hoping they will be equally keen to make use of e-bikes. With both e-scooters and e-bikes available for hire around the city, it will be really easy for people to move around and get to the places that they want to go.’’

E-biker users will need to comply with the usual road rules for biking and users will need to park out of the main thoroughfares on footpaths, as with e-scooters.

Lime’s e-bikes will be available for hire on both the Lime and Uber apps.