Better streets & spaces  |  21 Sep 2020

Local residents can help realise the potential of the former Shirley Community Centre site by sharing their ideas for the open space.

Waipapa/Papanui Innes Community Board Chairperson Emma Norrish says the community suggestions can also help inform consultation on Christchurch’s Long Term Plan (LTP).

“Our community needs a cohesive voice when advocating for project funding under the LTP, and support for a revamp of the Shirley site is on our wish list,” Ms Norrish says.

“We want to know your aspirations for the best use of the open space at 10 Shirley Road. We want to be sure that we get this site right as we know that the local landscape has changed considerably over the past few years.

“While we acknowledge that short-term funding for a major site overhaul is off the Christchurch City Council agenda, we believe we can still utilise this space in the short term by considering alternative funding and, perhaps, even partnerships to deliver a mutually beneficial community use.”

Ms Norrish says the recent installation of a temporary modular pump track has already revitalised the reserve, offering an active outdoor option for local youngsters.

“The pump track is the result of one young boy’s persistence in putting together a petition calling for the creation of a skate, scooter and bike area,” she says.

“We believe that his determination illustrates the role that local residents can play in shaping their own communities.

“We want to work alongside our residents to find the ideal use for 10 Shirley Road as we also weigh up future planning for the good of the wider community.”

Share your ideas for 10 Shirley Road.

The LTP sets the strategic direction for the Council, outlining plans for the next 10 years.

People can have their say on the Shirley Road space, particularly offering innovative ideas that do not require the construction of extensive built infrastructure on the site.

Submissions online or via a form close on Monday, 12 October, with the findings going to the Board by November.

Anyone wanting to discuss the project can contact Community Board Advisor Elizabeth Hovell.