Better streets & spaces  |  4 Aug 2020

A fresh edge will boost Bishopdale Park following the approval of a new-look skate park.

The Waimāero/Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board has backed the skate park revamp following positive feedback from local residents.

Board Chairperson David Cartwright believes that the mix of new elements will appeal to beginners and intermediate-level skaters.

“Skateboarding is firmly entrenched in the suburban landscape and we need to keep pace with the demand for fresh elements and new challenges,” he says.

“Much like the skaters, we need to remain agile and bring renewed energy to a popular public space.

“The present site is ripe for renewal – and a quarter pipe.”

In a report to the Board, Council staff say that the present skate park is “nearing the end of its lifespan” and “does not include much variation for users”.

Installed in the late 1980s, it was originally an asphalt roller skating area, with the addition of skate park elements about 1996.

Design elements for the new skate area follow community feedback at the Bishopdale Skate Jam, along with wider consultation.

Most submissions on the upgrade support the improvements.

The new design includes a 1.65-metre hipped quarter pipe with a corner pocket, several hips with a banked extension, a double-sided pole jam, and a mini ramp.

Both the pyramid and round rail elements are higher following feedback.

Mr Cartwright says a new picnic table will also help create a community space at the park.

“We are creating a skater-friendly area that encourages families to enjoy Bishopdale Park,” he says.

“Indeed, I can recall watching my sons enjoy the original skate area as they tried out new moves.

“With the changes, we have worked with the local community to best meet their needs, and the demand for a fun space that encourages youngsters to improve their skills and keep active and healthy.”

Work is due to start in February.