Central city  |  8 Apr 2019

The rest of the flock may have gone to pastures new but four “legacy’’ sheep have returned to Christchurch’s city centre.

The urban sheep in High Street.

Some of Christchurch's urban sheep have returned to High Street.

The sheep look just like the colourful urban sheep that were introduced around the central city in September 2014 as part of Christchurch City Council’s Enliven Places Programme.

However, they have a different genetic make-up as they have been manufactured from stainless steel so they will be sturdier than the original plastic sheep.

“The urban sheep were very popular with locals and tourists and we wanted them to live on,’’ says Council Head of Urban Design, Regeneration and Heritage Carolyn Ingles.

“French artist Christophe Machet designed the urban sheep and these new sheep are powder coated in the original four colours – blue, green, yellow and red. They are sculptural pieces but people are welcome to sit on them and to take photos with them.’’

Ms Ingles says the sheep will initially be located on the corner of High and Lichfield streets but they can be moved to other spots in the central city.

“Our aim is to create an attractive, fun, interesting and welcoming environment in the central city - so who knows where these legacy sheep might end up grazing!’’

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