Caring for the environment  |  24 May 2022

Environment Canterbury is reminding Canterbury residents to ‘burn smoke-free’ this winter.

The annual Warmer Cheaper campaign encourages residents to use modern and well-maintained wood burners, make sure wood is dry and employ good wood burning technique.

Principal Implementation Advisor Dr Paul Hopwood says burning smoke-free is a win-win for residents and the environment.

 “Burning smoke-free is a win for your household, because you get a warmer, cheaper fire. It’s also a win for Canterbury residents, because we all get cleaner, healthier air to breathe.” 
Air quality in Canterbury has improved in the last 20 years, but pollution levels still sometimes exceed national environmental standards, particularly during winter nights. Environment Canterbury monitors air quality at eight sites throughout Canterbury

The Warmer Cheaper website includes a list of wood suppliers in Christchurch, Timaru, Rangiora, Waimate, Kaiapoi, and Ashburton.

Environment Canterbury audits these suppliers annually, testing the moisture content of their wood to ensure it is sufficiently dry. 

The website also includes video demonstrations and step-by-step tutorials on the ‘upside-down’ fire starting technique, that uses less wood and burns for longer.