9 Apr 2024

Staff satisfaction at Christchurch City Council has improved.

The 2024 Working@Council survey results have been released, with the overall score increasing from 56% to 60%.

What went well?

  • Our remuneration structure is appropriate relative to similar roles in the market – increased by 13%.
  • ELT will implement our strategy and vision successfully – increased by 11%.
  • The health, safety and wellbeing of staff is important in how we do things – increased by 11%.
  • We recognise the work of individuals in my unit – increased by 11%.

Where did we go backward?

  • I receive useful feedback and performance reviews – decreased by 2%.

What’s next?

  • The Executive Leadership Team has identified three areas to focus on – Communication and visibility, people matters and relationships, reputation and delivery.

Seventy two percent of Council staff responded to questions which asked about working at the Council and how it could be improved.

“The results show most staff believe the Council has a positive impact on the community and understand how their work impacts others. Staff indicated they are proud to serve our communities and want to make a difference for the people who live in our city,” Interim Chief Executive Mary Richardson said.

“The majority of staff are motivated by their interactions with their managers and feel comfortable asking for help or feedback.”

“The majority also feel the Council is an inclusive and diverse organisation and they are comfortable to be themselves at work. They also reported that they recognise the importance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.”

Ms Richardson said over last year the Council has been working on a plan to address the issues identified in the 2022 and 2023 surveys.

“It is encouraging to see scores trending upwards in most areas, including leadership which increased by 7% and wellbeing which increased by 8%.”

“We started to address remuneration issues and are demonstrating more visible leadership by spending time talking to staff across the organisation so it’s pleasing to see those particular areas increase,” she said. 

The only area to receive a lower score was regarding useful feedback and performance reviews.

Ms Richardson said there are always things for the Council to continue to work on.

“We are working with staff to identify what we want to focus on in our teams, units and groups to improve satisfaction.”

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