6 Sep 2018

The Christchurch City Council has moved closer to an electric scooter service being set up in the city on a trial basis.

At its meeting today, the Council has agreed to ask staff to consider the permit application by Lime Technology to run a user pays, app-based e-scooter share service for a three-month pilot period.

People on electric scooters.

An electric scooter service may be trialled in Christchurch for three months.

If the permit is approved, Council staff will closely monitor the progress of the pilot and report back to the Council before the end of the year with recommendations regarding longer term permits for shared scooter operations.

Lime, which operates in more than 70 cities around the world, plans to initially operate about 700 scooters in Christchurch. However, if the pilot proves successful, it may double the size of the fleet.

The scooters have a 48-kilometre range and a top speed of 27kmh. They are fitted with front and rear lights, brakes and a bell.

Lime launch manager Cameron Swanson says the company is eager to partner with the city of Christchurch to provide a fun, eco-friendly way to get around town.

“It will cost $1 to unlock, plus 30 cents a minute thereafter,” Mr Swanson says.

“We think Christchurch is a great location for Lime, due to its relatively flat topography with wide footpaths, and overall need for final kilometre transit connections.” 

Council Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee Chair Cr Pauline Cotter says a three month trial will help establish whether scooters are an attractive option for people wanting to get around the city.

"They will provide an alternative travel choice for commuting to work and will integrate with our bus services, effectively giving people a scoot and ride option,'' Cr Cotter says.

"A three-month trial will give us a sense of how the scooters will mix with pedestrians and cyclists, after which time we can revisit the permit.''