Forty-nine trees will be planted on sections of Hereford, Worcester and Cashel streets as part of a plan to enhance the walkability, shade and amenity of the city’s inner east.

The decision to approve the plantings was made by the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board with funding set aside over two years from the 2022/23 draft Annual Plan.

It’s part of a development plan to gradually ‘green the east’ with more trees and walkways, nature play areas, pocket parks and spaces that encourage biodiversity.

Hereford Street will have 27 broad-leaved lime trees planted into new tree pit build outs between Fitzgerald Avenue and Linwood Avenue.

Cashel Street will have 20 flowering cherry trees planted between Linwood Avenue and Fitzgerald Avenue next month. 

Twenty Yoshino flowering cherry trees will be planted into existing tree berms on Cashel Street between Fitzgerald Avenue and Linwood Avenue and two will be planted on Worcester Street between England and Tancred streets.

The trees have been chosen because they are suited to the type of planting and the location and to minimise future tree and infrastructure maintenance as they mature.

“Increasing green space and tree coverage in this community is a priority for residents and for the Board. Greater biodiversity and improved streetscapes are some of the ways we are working to ‘green’ our streets and enhance the natural environment in this part of the inner city,” says Board member and Christchurch City Councillor for the Central ward, Jake McLellan.

Greening the East is one of several community-focussed improvements in the Board area, says Cr McLellan, including streetscape improvements in Stanmore Road. These will be completed by the end of 2024. 

The decision supports the Christchurch City Council’s proposed Urban Forest Plan, which aims to grow the city’s urban forest. It includes the goal of no ward having less than 15 percent total canopy cover.

The cherry trees, which are the same variety as those along Hagley Avenue, are planned to be planted next month while the lime trees in Hereford Street will be planted in April-June next year.