Better streets & spaces  |  26 Jun 2020

A multimillion-dollar upgrade of Woolston Village will get under way in July.

Under the Christchurch City Council’s Ferry Road Suburban Master Plan, the significant streetscape project aims to revitalise the village while keeping the industrial character of the 150-year-old area.

The work – led by contractor Citycare – extends along Ferry Road from Portman Street to St Anne’s School. It includes car parks, mini plazas, wider footpaths and cycle lanes, and new trees and plants.

Following completion, it will become easier to walk, ride, drive or find a park in Woolston.

To ensure minimum disruption, contractors will also reline the underground wastewater pipes along the main road at the same time.

Christchurch City Council Planning and Delivery Transport Manager Lynette Ellis says the upgrade complements the area’s popular new community library and busy thoroughfare.

“The makeover will revitalise one of the city’s oldest areas while honouring the history of the industrial past,” Ms Ellis says.

“It will lift the village, drawing more people and making it easier and safer to walk around Woolston,” she says.

“We will have wider footpaths and a lower speed limit, complemented by improved crossings, street lighting and 32 off-street car parks behind the library and 55 on-street spaces.

“We want to create a sustainable and accessible village that benefits the whole community. The upgrade will bring renewed vibrancy to Woolston, prompting people to stop, shop and wander.”

The new village “gateways” will feature trees, paving and kerb build-outs at Portman Street and St Anne’s School to define the entrances to the area, along with a 30kmh speed limit.

A lower 40kmh speed limit will also apply in Catherine Street, Maronan Street, Oak Street, Heathcote Street, Glenroy Street and a section of St Johns Street.

About 30 trees will be planted in the new-look village, along with garden beds.

Signage along Ferry Road will let people know how to access shops and facilities and where to park during the nine-month project. Local residents can also attend a Meet the Contractor session in the main hall at the Woolston Community Library on Tuesday, 7 July from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

People can sign up for work updates or check out the Woolston Village webpage.