Supporting communities  |  17 May 2023

A temporary alcohol ban in Woolston Village will be continued following a successful six-month trial.

The ban was introduced by the Christchurch City Council in December after residents and businesses raised concerns about the negative impact public drinking was having in the area.

The current alcohol ban has been found to be effective in creating an improved environment in Woolston Village and the Council has agreed to continue the ban while consulting the community on whether it should be made permanent.

Residents, businesses and stakeholders including the Te Mana Ora (Health) Alcohol Licensing Officer, Kainga Ora and the Banks Peninsula Member of Parliament have all provided feedback on the current ban. 

There was clear community support for the ban to continue, Waitai Coastal-Burwood-Linwood Community Board Chairperson Paul McMahon says.

“The feedback from residents and stakeholders was very positive. The alcohol ban has definitely helped to improve community safety; people have said they can now visit the village shops and use the amenities without feeling intimidated or scared. Local businesses say it has significantly reduced the occurrence of public drinking and alcohol-related litter."

The Police have also given their full support to continuing the current ban while staff work on making it permanent. 

"It provides a tool for them to address unacceptable behaviour associated with alcohol and to intervene in public drinking before more serious incidents can occur," says Mr McMahon.

A proposal for a permanent ban would be presented to the Council later in the year.

Other approaches to combat alcohol-related issues are being trialled in Woolston Village along with the alcohol ban. These include, increasing the Community Patrol presence in “hotspot” areas where anti-social behaviour has occurred frequently and co-ordinated social agency cooperation to ensure the needs of vulnerable people are being met.

Mr McMahon says a multi-pronged approach is being employed to help to make Woolston a safer and more vibrant place for people to live, work, and play.