27 Mar 2017

Three of the city’s major cycle routes will be complete by June this year, marking a major milestone in the $156 million cycleways programme.

The Little River Link, Unicycle and Papanui Parallel are all nearing completion over the next three months, with the final stages of each project underway.

Christchurch City Council Head of Transport Chris Gregory said seeing the first routes nearing completion was incredibly exciting for the city.

The University Drive stage of the Unicycle route.

The University Drive stage of the Unicycle route is proving popular.

“As each route nears completion, I think residents around the city can see the big picture coming together now as we develop this network of 13 cycleways. All of the cycleways lead to and from the central city.

“The Major Cycle Routes aim to encourage new groups of people to try cycling as a commuting option by connecting suburbs, shopping areas, businesses, schools and sporting destinations. We’re investing hugely in the city - $156 million over the next seven years to get these 13 cycleways complete – and we know residents are anxious to get using these,” Mr Gregory said.

“The routes offer a level of service not seen before in Christchurch, and with three nearing completion, we are going to see the network effect of these routes starting to come into play quite quickly. The routes differ from the existing facilities currently available around the city. They’re purpose built to carry large numbers of cyclists throughout the city in a safe and effective way. We know we are offering people a genuine alternative to sitting in traffic.”

The latest update on the three routes shows:

  • The Unicycle route has just completed the University Drive stage (ahead of University starting back for the year), and the route will be fully complete by June, except for widening of the existing cycle path through Riccarton Bush.
  • The Little River Link has now completed works around Church Square and is expected to be fully complete by April/May.
  • The Papanui Parallell cycleway will connect Northlands Mall and the Northern Line Cycleway to the Central City. Construction is progressing well from the Northern end of Rutland Street south to Bealey Ave, with final completion in June.

Initial numbers show the cycle routes are already being used well. Since the Christmas break the Hagley Park end of the Uni-Cycleway has averaged 1,350 cyclists each weekday - almost double the 690 cyclists per day using the route when it first opened in July last year.