16 Feb 2018

The first electric sideloader waste collection truck in the southern hemisphere has powered into Christchurch streets.

Batteries power every truck function, from the lifting arm to the motor to the computer that the driver uses to know which streets to travel down.

Council Waste Management General Manager Gareth Evans and Mayor Lianne Dalziel c

Waste Management General Manager Gareth James and Mayor Lianne Dalziel cut the ribbon at the launch.

Using an innovative telemetry system, a range of truck functions – including temperature, power consumption and battery status – can be measured remotely, ensuring that the vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible at all times.

Driven in part by landfill gas emissions that generate electricity for the national grid, the eco-friendly vehicle will be in full service from Monday, carrying out the fortnightly red bin collection of general waste across the city.

City Council solid waste manager Ross Trotter says the truck’s arrival underlines Christchurch’s reputation as the most electric vehicle-friendly city in the country.

“The Council strongly supports a ‘go electric’ approach to its own car fleet,” Mr Trotter says.

“As an organisation, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.

“The electric rubbish truck service provided by our contractor, Waste Management, is another big step in the right direction towards our emissions goal following the Council’s switch to electric cars.

“The electric truck is also quieter, which will be much appreciated by city residents, particularly during early collections.

“It is also ideal for a predictable stop-start urban route as it recharges itself when it stops and starts to collect the wheelie bins.”

There are plans to introduce more electric trucks into the collection fleet later in the year.