Civil Defence, Natural hazards  |  5 Mar 2021

The tsunami alerts issued in the wake of the earthquakes near the Kermedec Islands are a timely reminder that people should check if they are in a tsunami evacuation zone.

“We are fortunate the strong off-shore earthquakes early this morning did not result in any damaging tsunamis but you never know when one could hit,’’ says Christchurch City Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management Manger Rob Orchard.

“Today’s events are a timely reminder that people need to be prepared for a tsunami and need to have a plan for how they will evacuate if they live or work in a tsunami evacuation zone.

“Please, if you haven’t already done so, check our tsunami evacuation zone maps and find out if you are in an evacuation zone and what you should do.’’

Mr Orchard says while the immediate threat from the earthquakes off the Kermedec Islands this morning has passed, people on or near the water should still take care.

“The National Emergency Management Agency has lifted the warning to stay away from beaches and coastal waterways but people should continue to be cautious. It is possible that we may still get some unusual currents and wave surges,’’ Mr Orchard says.

Check the tsunami evacuation zones.