Civil Defence  |  19 Sep 2023

The tsunami warning sirens along Christchurch’s coastline will be tested at 11am on Sunday, after the clocks move forward for daylight saving.

The 45 sirens located between Taylors Mistake in the south and Brooklands in the north will sound for up to three minutes.

The tsunami sirens in Christchurch are tested each year at the beginning and end of daylight saving time.

The tsunami warning network is designed to forewarn of ‘distant source’ tsunami that could take more than three hours to reach our coastline.

If there were an imminent tsunami, Civil Defence and the New Zealand Police services would alert residents using the sirens, radio, television, social media and local community groups.

Christchurch City Council Civil Defence and Emergency Manager Brenden Winder says coastal residents living near the coast don’t need to evacuate or be alarmed by the sirens.

“This is just a test to make sure the system is working. Our tsunami sirens will sound pre-recorded voice messages.  For this test you should hear a tone, followed by 'This is a test of the tsunami warning sirens. Do not be alarmed. This is only a test’.”

Find more information about the messages that will sound during a tsunami warning.

Mr Winder says this weekend is an ideal time for families to ensure they have an evacuation plan should a tsunami occur, and that they have all essential supplies in place.

People can check Christchurch City Council's interactive online map to find out if they live or work in a tsunami evacuation zone.

There are also evacuation tips on the Council website.