14 Aug 2023

Plans to upgrade a section of Innes Road have been approved by the Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board.

The renewal project will get underway in December 2023 between Mersey Street and the shops past Philpotts Road. Improvements include upgrading the road carriageway and sections of kerb and footpath, making it safer for people travelling to school, work or across the community.

Raised platforms will be installed at existing zebra crossings at Mairehau Primary School and St Francis of Assisi School, improving safety and accessibility by slowing down vehicles at crossing points.

Additionally, kerb buildouts will be introduced at Ethne Street, Nancy Avenue and Kensington Avenue intersections. A central island will be installed at the Thames Street intersection and the existing central island at Philpotts Street will be replaced.

Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Community Board Chair Emma Norrish says with two schools in the area, it’s important for children to safely travel within the area. “Innes Road is a busy route with around 15,000 vehicles travelling along the stretch each day.

“These improvements provide the opportunity to address a lot of safety concerns for the community, and we’re excited for the upgrades to be installed.”

Stop control signs will be introduced at Thames Street, Philpotts Road, Nancy Avenue and Ethne Street to improve drivers’ visibility of pedestrians and cyclists when approaching.

Further upgrades include introducing parking restrictions to accommodate the side road safety improvements, to allow buses to enter and exit existing stops safely and to improve sightlines at side streets. Some sections of footpaths will be widened as part of the renewal, making it safer for pedestrians.