9 Dec 2020

The organics processing plant at Bromley is going to be fully redeveloped to address the odour issues.

Christchurch City Council staff have been asked to begin contract negotiations with Living Earth – the operator of the plant – so that the redevelopment can begin as quickly as possible.

The redevelopment will involve:

  • Significantly upgrading the 18 aerated tunnels where the organic waste is turned into compost.
  • Building a new, fully ventilated structure to enclose the outside area where the compost is matured and screened.
  • Upgrading the biofilter.

The propose changes have been developed and peer reviewed by independent experts and are targeted to resolve the issues relating to both odour and dust.

“We are committed to being a good neighbour and to mitigating the dust and odour issues for Bromley residents,’’ says Councillor Pauline Cotter, Chair of the Council’s Three Waters Infrastructure and Environment Committee.

“That is why we have decided today to fully enclose the plant. It is more expensive but the Committee felt it was the best way to ensure an end to the odour issues that have troubled local residents for many years.

“While staff were confident that redeveloping the composting tunnels would significantly reduce the odour from the plant, we felt that residents deserve the extra layer of protection that will come from enclosing the outside area where the compost rests,’’ Cr Cotter says.

“We want this redevelopment to proceed as quickly as possible so we have asked staff to bring a procurement plan to the March 2021 Finance and Performance Committee meeting so that we can expedite this work.

“Until the redevelopment is completed, we will be asking the operator of the organics processing plant to stop accepting food waste from commercial operators, as that is perceived by the local community to be contributing to the odour issues,’’ Cr Cotter says.