Better streets & spaces  |  11 Oct 2023

Christchurch residents can now share their views on the planned upgrade of the Greers and Langdons Road intersection.

The proposed upgrade includes new traffic lights, signalised pedestrian crossings, turning lanes and cycle lanes on all approaches to the intersection.

The works are aimed at reducing the negative impacts of increased traffic from the expansion of the Northlink Retail Park in the area.

Jacob Bradbury, Manager Planning and Delivery Transport, says the upgrade will reduce delays for turning vehicles at the intersection and prevent “rat-running” via local roads.

The proposed plans also aim to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists crossing at the intersection.

Mr Bradbury says about 29,000 vehicles currently travel through the Greers and Langdons Road intersection per day.

“The development and expansion of the Northlink Retail Park has increased the traffic flows on both Greers and Langdon Roads. It has made it difficult for pedestrians to cross the roads safely and has caused significant delays for turning vehicles at the intersection.

“Rat-running through nearby communities has created additional traffic-related concerns.”

Mr Bradbury says to make the improvements, Council will need to remove on-street parking on the approaches to the intersection and remove some of the larger trees and replace them with lower shrubs.

Under the proposed plans, on-street car parks will be reduced by 26 on Greers Road and by 28 on Langdons Road.

There are two options for the Greers Road and Reynolds Avenue intersection. Making the intersection left in/left out from Greers Road will reduce parks on Reynolds Avenue by two, while making the Reynolds Avenue a cul-de-sac will see six parks removed. Residents can select their preferred option.

Consultation on the upgrade opens today and closes on 31 October 2023.

The Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central and Waimāero Fendalton Harewood Waimairi Community Boards will receive all feedback and a recommendation from Council staff.

The community boards' recommendations will be presented to Council who will make a decision on the traffic light installation and cycle lane on Langdons Road in either late 2023 or early next year.

If you would like to discuss the planned upgrade with the project team, please join the online webinar on 26 October at 12pm or 6:30pm

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