5 Mar 2024

A long-awaited facelift is coming for a street in Riccarton as part of a wider package of upgrade work throughout the area.

The Bradshaw Terrace renewal will begin next week with construction running through until late May.

“This work has been on the cards since 2010 and was delayed after the earthquake,” Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Jacob Bradbury said.

“The community has been patient enough and has been calling out for this project, so we’re pleased to finally be able to deliver it as part of our wider Riccarton work.”

Upgrades will include a full street renewal, including a safer turnaround area at the end of the cul-de-sac, kerb and channel, new street trees, and a new garden bed.

The work is part of the Council’s Christchurch Regeneration Acceleration Facility package throughout residential Riccarton.

Other projects will include a full street renewal of the southern end of Brockworth Place and various traffic calming projects and pedestrian safety upgrades throughout a number of residential streets.

A new signalised crossing has been approved for Waimairi Road at the Bush Inn Centre and the Council is investigating options for a pedestrian crossing on Deans Avenue.

Tactile pavers have also recently been installed at all Riccarton Road intersections between Matipo and Balgay Streets and several other sites in high pedestrian areas. The pavers improve accessibility for people with low vision and provide an anti-slip surface.