Central city  |  3 Aug 2023

Another key phase of Te Kaha's construction was wrapped up this week, with the last of the major concrete pours taking place on Monday.

This means the substructure and foundation work for the $683-million multi-use arena is now complete, and work is now focused solely on the steel and vertical construction.

The foundations work began in January, and since then, 55 major pours have taken place, with almost 26,000 cubic metres of concrete poured into Te Kaha's substructure.

More than 4,800 tonnes of reinforcing has been used to ensure Te Kaha is able to withstand any seismic movement in the future.

A smaller series of concrete pours to finish the concrete slab on the northern side of the arena will be completed later in the project.

The project remains on budget and on track to open in 2026.

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