15 Mar 2024

Take a bird’s eye view tour of Te Kaha, Canterbury’s Multi-Use Arena, as BESIX Watpac’s Project Director Adrian Jones provides an overview of how the $683 million project is progressing.

“The level three concrete floor is being installed and the top of the steel is currently at level four, which is the coaches and media facilities,” says Mr Jones.

The video also shows the assembly area for the arena’s radial truss roof supports.

“The first four are installed and another 36 will be installed all the way around the arena, and will hold up the permanent roof,” says Mr Jones.

Each radial truss stands around 37m tall and weighs between 45 and 75 tonnes. Due to their size, the trusses must be assembled on-site, before being lifted into place by crane.

“The concrete seating plats are being progressively installed,” says Mr Jones.

The concrete plats will hold the tiered seating for the arena. The concrete seating is progressing around the south stand into the eastern stand, which backs onto Barbadoes Street.

Mr Jones says the project continues to progress on schedule and on budget.

Te Kaha is set to open in 2026 and will have a capacity of 36,000 fans for big concerts and events, and up to 30,000 seats (25,000 permanent and 5,000 temporary) for major sports matches.

For more information on the project, visit tekahaproject.co.nz.

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