14 Mar 2023

Property owners in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula have until Monday 20 March to object to their new rating valuations.

The deadline for lodging an objection with Quotable Value Limited (QV), who undertook the revaluation, has been extended to account for slower-than-expected mail service.

Owners can check their new values, and what their proposed rates increase might be, at ccc.govt.nz/rates

You can make an objection:

  • Online at ratingvalues.co.nz.
  • By picking up an objection form from the Civic Offices or a Council library or Service Centre. Alternatively you can call 0800 787 284 and organise to have a form sent out.
  • By emailing ratingsupport@qv.co.nz with the details of your objection.

The new rating valuations are based on market conditions as at 1 August 2022.

“Residential property saw a big jump in value between the last revaluation in 2019 and 1 August 2022 – the revaluation needs to be done for all Christchurch properties at a particular snapshot in time so that rates are distributed fairly between properties,” says the Council’s Chief Financial Officer Leah Scales.

The Council is required to carry out a general revaluation every three years to ensure that rates are spread fairly across the city. The new values will apply to rates from 1 July 2023.

“We want to remind everyone of two things – first, that your new value isn’t an indication of how much you may have spent to build or buy your home, or the value you added through renovation,” Ms Scales says.

“If you want to object, QV will consider the individual factors that apply to your property and potentially determine a different value.

“Second, the new values don’t affect the total rates collected by Christchurch City Council, but they do affect how this is shared out between property owners. We’re proposing some changes to how we charge rates in the Draft Annual Plan 2023/24, which is out for consultation until 10 April, so please also consider giving feedback there if you have thoughts on the matter.”

After making an objection, QV will send a letter confirming receipt and give a timeframe for when the objection will be completed. In some cases, a valuer may be in touch to arrange a property inspection.