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New Civil Defence head for Canterbury

21 Oct 2021

Canterbury’s Civil Defence Emergency Management Group has a new Group Controller – Sean Poff.

Testing time for tsunami warning sirens

26 Sep 2019

Christchurch’s tsunami warning sirens will be tested this Sunday at 11am.

Tsunami siren testing in Christchurch this Sunday

19 Sep 2023

The tsunami warning sirens along Christchurch’s coastline will be tested at 11am on Sunday, after the clocks move forward for daylight saving.

Tsunami alerts timely reminder to check your zone

5 Mar 2021

The tsunami alerts issued in the wake of the earthquakes near the Kermedec Islands are a timely reminder that people should check if they are in a tsunami evacuation zone.

Port Hills fire: State of Local Emergency lifted

21 Feb 2024

The State of Local Emergency that was put in place in Christchurch City and Selwyn District in response to the Port Hills fire was lifted and both areas moved into transition to recovery at 1pm on Wednesday 21 February.

Christchurch’s tsunami sirens under review

16 Oct 2020

Christchurch City Council is looking at options for upgrading the city’s 45 tsunami warning sirens to make them compliant with the national standard.

Tsunami warning sirens to sound on Sunday

25 Sep 2020

Christchurch’s tsunami warning sirens will be tested this Sunday at 11am.

Start of daylight saving prompts tsunami siren testing

23 Sep 2021

The change to daylight saving time this weekend signals the routine testing of the tsunami sirens along the Christchurch coastline.

Multilingual emergency information for Christchurch communities

1 Oct 2019

Multilingual emergency messages will be broadcast on Christchurch community access and iwi radio stations to help more people prepare for – and respond to – an emergency.

Are you in a tsunami evacuation zone?

23 Feb 2021

Christchurch and Banks Peninsula residents who live or work near waterways or the coast are being encouraged this month to find out if they are in a tsunami evacuation zone.