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Life of a park ranger filled with variety

15 Dec 2021

Alison Evans started work as a Christchurch City Council park ranger one year ago. We asked her a few questions about her life on the job.

New mountain bike track proposed for Port Hills

18 Dec 2020

Mountain bikers will have a new trail to conquer if plans to expand the track network in a popular Port Hills scenic reserve go ahead.

Annual Arbor Day celebrates hours of volunteer time

25 May 2022

With Arbor Day coming up on 5 June, we’re celebrating our volunteers who have helped to keep Christchurch flourishing over the past year.

New ‘Mean Green’ approach to cutting Hagley Park’s grass

6 Jan 2021

A new Mean Green ride-on lawn mower is bringing a quiet calm to the job of cutting the grass in Christchurch’s Hagley Park.

New ‘smart’ bins coming to a park near you

1 Jun 2021

‘Smart’ bins are being installed in community parks around Christchurch as the city council moves to reduce maintenance costs in the city’s public spaces.

Playground upgrade coming for Heritage Park Little River

3 Mar 2022

Little River residents can look forward to a brand new playground as work has begun to upgrade the play space at Heritage Park Little River to give it a fresh new look.

“The best job in the world” found at Halswell Quarry

22 Dec 2021

In a job where “no two days are the same”, Christchurch City Council Park Ranger Nigel Morritt is looking forward to his busiest time of the year.

From high-flying property manager to Port Hills park ranger

14 Jun 2021

A chance meeting over a stinkhorn fungus four years ago sparked a whole new life for Christchurch City Council Park Ranger and volunteer team leader Fiona Fenton.

Predator trapping under way in Port Hills parks

6 Apr 2021

Community volunteers are helping with predator trapping in seven small parks and reserves on the Port Hills as a part of wider initiative to protect native species.

Honey, I’m home: Bug hotel for native bees in Christchurch's former Red Zone

29 Apr 2022

A bug hotel shaped like a whare has been installed in the Ōtakaro Avon River Corridor to help boost the population of native bees.