9 Jun 2022

The following decisions were made at today's Christchurch City Council meeting.

Plans for Diamond Harbour land

The Council has agreed to prepare, in conjunction with the community, an Outline Development Plan for a section of land at 27 Hunters Road and 42 Whero Avenue in Diamond Harbour. 

The plan will include protecting the revegetated gullies and access tracks, subdividing the site and placing covenants on the property titles that require development to be in line with the Outline Development Plan.

Any land not required for Council purposes could be disposed of once the Outline Plan is completed. 

The decision has taken into account the views of the Te Pātaka o Rākaitahutū Banks Peninsula community Board, as well as the local community following both Long Term Plan and subsequent targeted consultation with Diamond Harbour residents. 

Extra funding approved for Halswell Junction Road extension

Councillors approved an additional $5.5 million in the Annual Plan for the extension to Halswell Junction Road in their meeting today.

Christchurch City Council has committed to building a new link road from Halswell Junction Road at Foremans Road to Waterloo Road to improve safety and freight network connections.

Read more background on the project on Newsline or view the full report.

Council presented Residents Survey results

The 2021-22 Residents Survey findings were presented to the Council.

Overall satisfaction with the Council in 2021-2022 is sitting at 42 per cent – a decline from last year’s 49 per cent result.

The findings further reinforce the need for the Council to focus on the basics, with roading, water and disapproval of spending coming through as key areas of dissatisfaction. The COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing effects have put pressure on the Council’s budget.

Read the full results.